Millions of people benefit from the work of The Wildlife Trusts every year. From our nature therapy projects to improve mental health to our urban regeneration programmes that bring nature back in built-up areas, people are at the heart of what we do.

A report by Essex University, commissioned by The Wildlife Trusts, adds to the ever-growing body of research which shows that Nature is good for you. 

The key finding is that wildlife-rich environments don’t just keep you physically healthy. They also reduce stress, improve mood, and reduce social isolation. The report includes work by the New Economics Foundation which is based on the work of 400 scientists around the world. It proposes five evidence-based ‘Ways to Wellbeing’. If you practice them in natural settings, you will improve your physical and mental health.

Be Active – go outside for a walk or explore your nearest nature reserve
Connect – with the people around you, share your wildlife experiences
Give – do something to help your local place and the people that live there
Take Notice - of the everyday wildness on your doorstep
Learn – let nature be your teacher, try something new outside

“Considered together with the key findings from this literature review, the results suggest that Wildlife Trusts provide significant and important contributions to both the promotion of good public health and to Green Care (the use of nature-based interventions to treat diagnosed illnesses) in the UK.”

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