Working with business

Environmental responsibility has long been recognised as making good business sense. Through our partnerships with businesses The Wildlife Trusts help to translate aspiration to action on the ground and to extend the scope of environmental responsibility to the natural environment.

The Wildlife Trusts are proud to work with over 2,000 businesses across the UK.  From entry level corporate membership to assessing and certifying management of landholdings to major joint projects we recognise and facilitate the vital role that business has in creating a Living Landscape and securing Living Seas. 

Our vision is driven by the economic and social needs of local communities.  Business, as a part of the community in which it operates contributes to, and benefits from the achievement of our vision.  

We also with with many partners to promote the natural world and its wonder for children. Vist here for more information.

Can your business do something wild this June?

This June, over 50,000 people will do something wild every day for a month and will be happier and healthier as a result. Could your people be amongst them?

30 Days Wild is back for 2016 and we want you to get involved. Every year, The Wildlife Trusts inspire participants to undertake ‘Random Acts of Wildness’: simple ways to connect with and help wildlife every day, which fit easily into the working day.  

Last year the campaign went viral across our online platforms:

  • 53,000 uses of #30dayswild
  • 180,000 views of our promotional video
  • 8,000 photos uploaded to Instagram

We discovered that participants were:

  • Happier – up by 8.7%
  • Healthier – up by 7.6%
  • Reporting more pro environmental behaviours – up by 9.7%

Encouraging the people in your business to participate could result in:

  • Improved health and wellbeing – the challenge lasts a month but the effects are long term;
  • Increased integration of your environmental objectives into people’s behaviours; and
  • Positive stories about their engagement in the event.  

We can help.

If you think your people will be inspired by 30 Days Wild we can provide you with:

  • A wallchart (in electronic pdf format) to help them to track progress;
  • 101 Random Acts of Wildness – ideas to inspire and engage everyone;
  • Suggested internal communication which can be adapted into your own in house style;
  • Sponsorship resources – this need not be a sponsored event but if your people wanted to raise money to support our work we can provide sponsorship forms and dedicated Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving pages.

These resources are free of charge, although donations are always welcome.

If you think this would be great for your business then please do get in touch:

Peter Dorans (01636) 670064
Lucy McRobert (01636) 670022