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  • Environmental groups warn of dredging ‘triple whammy’ with damage to wildlife, increased flooding and legal challenges

    Friday 19th July, 2013

    The Blueprint for Water coalition of environmental organisations has this week submitted a strong response to the Government, objecting to proposals to weaken controls on river dredging which have been produced at the request of Environment Secretary Owen Paterson.

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  • Charities warn National Parks under threat from Highways Agency dual carriageways

    Tuesday 16th July, 2013

    A628 cpt Ian Forrester via Flickr

    Transport and green groups have sounded a warning about Government's massive road building programme.

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  • Timetable for marine protection overdue

    Tuesday 16th July, 2013

    cpt Paul Naylor

    As the Government today publishes responses to the Marine Conservation Zones’ consultation, The Wildlife Trusts urge Minister Richard Benyon to stand by his ambition to designate an ecologically coherent network and set out a clear timetable within which it can be achieved.

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  • Center Parcs helps protect children and the environment with new charity partnerships

    Thursday 11th July, 2013

    cpt Zsuzsanna Bird

    As its three year partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity came to a very successful end in May, Center Parcs is now delighted to be supporting two new charity partners, ChildLine and The Wildlife Trusts.

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  • Go wild in our gardens this summer!

    Wednesday 10th July, 2013

    Bee cpt Gillian Day

    Inspirational events and projects to encourage a welcome for wildlife in UK gardens

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  • Human reliance on nature back in curriculum

    Monday 8th July, 2013

    Following the publication of the new national curriculum today, The Wildlife Trusts welcome the inclusion of children being required to learn about human dependence and our impact on nature.

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  • Bovine TB strategy: Paterson urged to look in his own backyard

    Thursday 4th July, 2013

    Cattle cpt Neil Wyatt

    The Wildlife Trusts are very disappointed to see that a badger cull remains at the heart of the Government’s proposed strategy to control bTB in England, published today, despite leading scientists’ grave doubts over its effectiveness.

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  • Time running out for marine environment

    Wednesday 3rd July, 2013

    Spiny seahorse cpt Julie Hatcher

    The Government has today confirmed it will “say more about future designation of Marine Conservation Zones when announcing its response to the recent consultation”.

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  • Government agencies must focus on delivery for nature - Triennial Review response

    Thursday 27th June, 2013

    cpt Matthew Roberts

    Today’s decision by the Government not to merge Natural England and the Environment Agency is a welcome move.

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  • Natural assets depleted by concreting Chancellor

    Wednesday 26th June, 2013

    The health of the UK economy and its natural assets has today been placed at risk by the Chancellor’s budget cuts and misguided focus on building new roads to boost growth.

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