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  • A new era for peatlands

    Tuesday 10th September, 2013

    Ballynahone bog is cared for by Ulster Wildlife

    A new era for peatlands will be announced today with a million hectare peatland challenge issued by the IUCN UK Peatland Programme at its Conference in York.

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  • Crackdown on damaging invasive non-native plants and animals

    Monday 9th September, 2013

    signal crayfish cpt Faye Durkin

    Conservation organisations have welcomed today’s announcement of a Europe-wide crackdown on non-native invasive plants and animals which are damaging wildlife in the UK and across Europe.

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  • Remember A Charity Week

    Monday 9th September, 2013

    L-R:The Wildlife Trusts' Anna O’Sullivan (Cheshire WT), mascot & Angela Rippon

    Veteran journalist and newsreader, Angela Rippon, is joining The Wildlife Trusts in support of this year’s Remember A Charity Week (Mon 9 – Sun 15 Sept 2013).

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  • Searching for ‘Ratty’

    Friday 6th September, 2013

    water vole feeding cpt Tom Marshall

    Records reveal water vole presence down 22%

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  • Offsetting: the silver bullet for nature’s recovery?

    Thursday 5th September, 2013

    The Wildlife Trusts welcome the Green Paper on Biodiversity Offsetting but have real concerns that the Government risks the wrecking of irreplaceable areas for wildlife and communities, if biodiversity offsetting is done in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons.

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  • A Celebration of British Wildlife

    Wednesday 4th September, 2013

    In the Living Room

    The British Wildlife Photography Awards proudly announce the winners for 2013.

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  • Go with the flow to prevent flooding and protect wildlife

    Monday 2nd September, 2013

    Lake View Potteric Carr cpt Kelvin Percival

    Restoring the nation’s wetlands will improve flood defences and produce benefits for people and wildlife alike, say The Wildlife Trusts ahead of celebrating Our Wetland Wildlife Weekend (7-8 Sept).

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  • Planning for a healthy and natural environment?

    Wednesday 28th August, 2013

    The Wildlife Trusts’ response to the Government's streamlined planning guide online, launched today.

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  • Cull is tragic distraction to tackling devastating disease

    Tuesday 27th August, 2013

    Badger cpt Neil Aldridge

    As the first shots of the badger cull are reported, The Wildlife Trusts re-state deep regret that Government is driving forward with a culling policy.

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  • Help Save Britain’s Wildlife

    Monday 19th August, 2013

    Chris Baines

    In October, gardeners and community groups across Britain will unite in an effort to halt the decline of UK species.

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