Sustainable Seafood

Many of us want to be able to eat seafood with a clear conscience; but deciding what to eat can be complicated. Sustainable seafood projects aim to provide the information for us all to make an informed choice about the fish we buy.

There are many ideas about what ‘sustainable seafood’ really means. Factors that must be taken into account include:

• Levels of fishing

• Impacts of fishing on seabed habitats

• Levels of bycatch of dolphins and other non-target species

It is unrealistic to seek perfection in all of these areas. What is important is that impacts are recognised by any fishery and that measures are being taken to reduce impacts.

A small number of Wildlife Trusts are leading the way in developing seafood guides for their local fisheries. They are talking to the fishing industry ‘on their patch’ to better understand each other and working together to spotlight those fishers who are making a difference.

Over the coming months we will be helping develop and provide guidance for local Wildlife Trusts across the county who are looking to expand their marine work into this area.

You can keep up to date with progress in developing seafood guides and other important fisheries news through our Living Seas blog.