Business and Wildlife

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Business has a major role to play in helping to achieve The Wildlife Trusts' vision of A Living Landscape and Living Seas. As landowners, partners and supporters businesses can play their part in ensure we have a healthy natural environment to pass on to the next generation.

Environmental good practice is now as central to business as good financial management. Minimising the energy or water used or the waste produced has a measurable and visible impact on the bottom line. Within this wider mainstreaming many businesses have relied on legislation to help them to frame their aspirations for our wildlife. There are very good reasons for this, the natural environment is complex and legislation provides a clear and unambiguous framework. Nature itself is inherently unreliable which makes it difficult to apply objectives and targets against which progress can be monitored.  

We are fortunate across The Wildlife Trusts to work with over 1500 businesses of all shapes and sizes from sole traders to multi-nationals. The way we work with businesses is guided by shared objectives, some examples include:

Supporting the work of their local Wildlife Trust to protect special places and inspire local communities to value and take action for nature Local Wildlife Trusts work with businesses for environmental and community benefit. 

The nature of engagement is driven by local needs but may include:

  • Corporate Membership of the Trust

  • Employee volunteering and team building days

  • Joint community events

  • Find out how your local Trust works with business here.

Managing land for a Living Landscape

Land which is owned and/or controlled by business can make an invaluable contribution to the network of interconnected habitats that make up Living Landscapes. The Wildlife Trusts work with many businesses to help to create great places for wildlife and for people, the way we do this includes:

Development of corporate biodiversity strategies – for example our work with property developer Land Securities to develop and implement a strategy for maximising the biodiversity potential of their sites. We work with the Crown Estate to build a picture of the biodiversity value of the rural landholdings under their control.

  • Our network of professional Wildlife Trusts Consultancies provide ecological advice which benefits from local expertise but with UK wide capability and reach. We work with Willmott Dixon Ltd and Costain Plc as their preferred providers of professional ecology services.
  • Local partnership working to enable business owned sites to make a contribution to Living Landscapes for example our work with National Grid and Aggregate Industries.  
  • Certifying management of landholdings to our Biodiversity Benchmark standard. Over 50 sites covering 9,000ha UK wide have now been certified to this high standard.

Connecting customers and employees with nature to improve their health and wellbeing. Access to nature has a profoundly positive effect on our health and wellbeing. We work with businesses to help people to engage with nature:

  • Our long term partnership with Vine House Farm Ltd has helped thousands of people to engage with the wildlife of their doorstep and has raised over £1 million to support our work .