Whitsand and Looe Bay Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Cuttlefish (Credit Paul Naylor)Cuttlefish (Credit Paul Naylor)

A wealth of marine life lives here including commercially important fish species, pink sea fan, stalked jellyfish and cuttlefish.

A wonderful range of marine habitats are found here supporting all manner of marine life.

This site was designated as a Marine Conservation Zone in 2014 for a wide range of habitats including rock and sand habitats and seagrass beds. It has also been designated to protect pink sea-fan, ocean quahog, sea-fan anemone and stalked jellyfish found in the area.

Whitsand and Looe Bay Marine Conservation Zone is a large area stretching from Rame Head to Talland Bay including Looe Island Marine Nature Reserve. The area has been recommended for its fantastic array of habitats. These include highly productive estuarine environments, seagrass beds, sheltered muddy environments and large subtidal sediment banks and reefs.

These diverse habitats support a wide range of species; commercially important fish species use Looe estuary as a nursery. Pink sea fans, stalked jellyfish and cuttlefish can also be found in the bay. The large scale of this  area is also of specific importance, as a corridor of different marine habitats will be included within one marine conservation zone.

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Location map

Whitsand and Looe Bay recommended MCZ is located in the map below.

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