Thames Estuary Recommended MCZ

Status: Potential T3 site

The Thames at Erith (Credit Kent Wildlife Trust)The Thames at Erith (Credit Kent Wildlife Trust)

The Thames now plays host to many species of fish which use the estuary as breeding and nursery grounds.

The estuary is also home to the beguiling short-snouted seahorse!

Smelt are among the many fish that now breed in the River Thames. Despite the heavy activity on its banks and bed, the Thames estuary, from Richmond to the wider mouth at Southend and Grain, provides critical spawning and nursery grounds for fish.

Dover sole, salmon, flounder, cod, herring, sprat, twait shad and both river and sea lampreys are all important inhabitants of the estuary.

The estuary is also home to the short-snouted seahorse which has been recorded on several occasions. Other rarities include the delicate tentacled lagoon worm which can be found at Greenhithe.

We are recommending this site for the protection of smelt and the rare tentacled lagoon worm.

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