South-West Deeps East Recommended MCZ

Status: Potential T3 site

Plaice (Credit Mark Thomas) Plaice (Credit Mark Thomas)

A range of valuable seabed habitats are found here supporting all manner of marine life.

A number of fish will camouflage themselves against the seabed to hide from predators here.

The eastern boundary of South West Deeps (East) is located approximately 170km off Land's End and the southern boundary aligns with the UK continental shelf limit. Within the boundaries the geologically important Celtic Sea relict sand banks are present, which are a historic feature of the seabed and marine environment.

This area is important due a range of seabed habitats that support the marine ecosystem, including mixed sediments and sand. These habitats provide burrowing opportunities for important prey items, such as worms, and camouflage for many species of fish to hide from predators.

A section of the continental shelf break is also found within the South-West Deeps (East), increasing the range of depths and ultimately the biodiversity of species living and visiting this area. 

This site has been identified by Natural England and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee as being at higher risk of damage and deterioration so it is crucial that appropriate management is put in place as soon as possible.

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South-West Deeps (East) recommended MCZ is located in the map below.

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