South of Celtic Deep Recommended Marine Conservation Zone

Status: Potential T3 site

Flatfish (Credit George Stoyle) Flatfish (Credit George Stoyle)

A flatfish making good use of its camouflage.

Habitats here provide opportunities for animals to burrow, such as polychaete worms and bivalve molluscs.

South of Celtic Deep is an arrow shaped site pointing south-east, bordering the UK continental shelf limit on the western side. The southern section of this site overlaps with the Trevose Box, which is perhaps Europe's most successful protection area.

South of Celtic Deep is of particular importance as it contains a variety of important habitats, including coarse sediment, mixed sediment and sand. These habitats provide opportunities for animals to burrow, such as polychaete worms and bivalve molluscs, but also provide suitable surfaces against which fish can hide using their camouflage.

Anemones can also be found along the edge of the continental shelf and hermit crabs dominate areas of coarse sediment on the seafloor.

This site includes an important area for seabirds as well as spawning and nursery grounds for fish species. This site was also identified as being at high risk of damage and deterioration by Natural England and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee due to the presence of vulnerable features within the site.

Although proposed for designation in the 2013 Defra consultation, this site is now on hold. The proposal to designate this site will be reviewed in light of further developments in the devolution of UK waters. We will continue to reinforce the need for an ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas, which includes the need for sites to be designated in Welsh Offshore waters. 

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South of Celtic Deep recommended MCZ is located in the map below.

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