Morte Platform recommended Marine Conservation Zone

Status: Potential T3 site

Mussels (Credit Dominic Flint)Mussels (Credit Dominic Flint)

Rich communities of subtidal living reefs like this mussel bed are found here.

Ross worm reefs and mussel beds provide shelter for many other marine species.


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The Morte Platform is an area of rocky outcrops with patches of sediment, approximately 5km off Baggy Point in North Devon. The depth of the area ranges between 35 and 40 metres below sea level.

This site represents an area of higher than average species diversity, within the south west context, due to the ridged and varied nature of the seabed. It includes rich communities of subtidal living reefs including ross worm reefs and mussel beds which provide shelter for other marine species. The mix of biotopes represented here is rarely found anywhere else in the UK.

This site has a higher than average seabed diversity and a mixture of habitats rarely seen due to the unusual physical conditions of the site. The site is supported by the Devon local group and was agreed within a cross-sector stakeholder meeting which included representatives from the fishing industry and the renewable energy sector. 

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Morte Platform recommended MCZ is located in the map below.

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