Medway Estuary Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Medway Island (Kent Wildlife Trust)Medway Island (Kent Wildlife Trust)

The sheltered Medway Estuary, with its scattered islands and creeks, acts as a wonderful nursery area for fish.

The very rare tentacled lagoon worm lives here.

This site has been designated for a range of estuarine habitats as well as for the tentacled lagoon worm.

This dynamic estuary plays host to populations of the very rare tentacled lagoon worm which lives in the narrow channels upstream.

The sheltered muddy gravels in the area support some of the most diverse communities of animals in the region, providing rich nursery grounds for many fish, including skate, sea trout and an unusual sub-species of herring.

The mosaic of habitat types also includes saltmarsh islands and banks and mudflats which contain many molluscs, worms and crustaceans that live within the sediment.

The area is also frequented by seals which haul out on the estuary banks and seabirds which forage for food in the rich muddy sediment.

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