Lundy Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Sunset cup-corals (Credit Paul Naylor)Sunset cup-corals (Credit Paul Naylor)

The deep waters around Lundy Island are home to some of the most spectacular and diverse marine life in the UK.

Home to anemones, sea fans, sponges and corals.

This site was designated as a Marine Conservation Zones in 2013 to protect the spiny lobster found here. This designation will support the protection provided for other habtiats and species by Lundy's designation as a Special Area of Conservation.

Lundy Island sits in the Bristol Channel at a place where cold currents from the north meet warmer ones from the south. This creates the ideal conditions for marine life. In 1986 Lundy became a Marine Nature Reserve. Protected since its designation, the recovery of marine life in the years since has been spectacular.

Today the sea around Lundy is home to anemones, sea fans, sponges and corals. The chocolate finger sponge is just one of many sponges which thrive around the coast of Lundy. 300 species of seaweed cover its reefs and inshore rocks, while seabirds including Manx shearwaters, guillemots and razorbills take advantage of its rich fish stocks.

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