East of Haig Fras Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Common dolphin (Credit Anne Harvey) Common dolphin (Credit Anne Harvey)

It’s not uncommon to spot common dolphins feeding in this area.

Hermit crabs, anemones, octopus and cup corals can be found here.

This site has been designated for its rock, sand and gravel habitats.

Situated in the Celtic Sea, off the north coast of Devon, the south-eastern corner of this area lies approximately 67km off the Land's End peninsula.

This is an area of continental shelf; the seabed found here is made up of sand and coarse sediment, with most of the area ranging in depths between 50 - 100m.

These sand and gravel habitats support a range of species including the seven-armed starfish. This species can be recognised by its long arms and fringing spines, which it uses to bury itself in the sediment or to move quickly across the seabed to catch its prey.

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