Cape Bank recommended Marine Conservation Zone

Status: Potential T3 site

Crawfish  (Credit Paul Naylor)Crawfish (Credit Paul Naylor)

A large, sweeping, crescent shaped reef here is home to species like this crawfish which use the nooks and crannies for shelter.

Filter feeding bryozoans benefit from the tidal surges here which bring a fresh supply of food.


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West of the Land's End peninsular lies the Cape Bank recommended MCZ. Diverse species of marine life make the fully submerged granite reefs found here their home, including many sponges and algal communities.

A large, sweeping, crescent shaped reef is included within the area. Extending to 12km at its widest part and around 35km in length, the reef is a feature of conservation importance.

Many species live here including crawfish, which use the nooks and crannies for shelter, filter feeding bryozoans, reliant on the tidal surges bringing a fresh supply of food, and the Devonshire cup coral, which is often mistaken for an anemone due to its similar appearance but infact is a species of coral.

This site has been identified as being at risk from damage and deterioration by Natural England and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee due to the presence of sensitive features and high pressures within the site.

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