Camel Estuary recommended Marine Conservation Zone

Status: Potential T3 site

Flat periwinkle (Credit Paul Naylor)Flat periwinkle (Credit Paul Naylor)

The diversity of habitats supports a huge range of species, including several protected species.

Many wading birds and cetaceans also visit the area.


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The Camel Estuary is a well know area of biodiversity and productivity and the recommended MCZ aims to protect this fantastic estuarine habitat. This estuary is of specific importance as it includes habitats which range from high energy intertidal rock zones to low energy mud and saltmash habitats.

This diversity of habitats supports a huge range of species but also includes several protected species, such as the European eel and wading birds.

If designated, this site would provide connectivity with other estuarine sites within the region; ensuring that our MPA network is ecologically coherent and
providing the best possible protection to our marine environment..


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