For National Marine Week 2017 we asked people to explore their relationship with the sea. It's not too late to join in though...

Many aspects of our everyday lives have a negative effect on our seas so we are asking members to take action to help marine wildlife.

We are asking you to pledge to make one (or more!) of these small changes for wildlife, and share on social media using #TheSeaAndMe


Pledge 1 

 Pledge to reduce, reuse, recycle! 

Pledge 2


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Pledge to be a MCZ friend 


Pledge 3

Pledge to shop smart 

Pledge 4

Pledge to pick it up! 

Pledge 5

Pledge to love the sea!

Wildlife Trusts all around the UK ran over a hundred events, including rockpool rambles, beach cleans, family fun days, guided snorkels, cave exploring, coastal foraging and even a picnic with a porpoise!

Don't worry if you missed National Marine Week, Wildlife Trusts across the UK are still running lots of fun marine events. Find out what's on near you here.