• A talk by Matt Johnson who is the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust’s Ecologist. Matt will be giving an illustrated talk on the ecology of water voles, their decline and conservation and current status in Northamptonshire. Talk organised by Towcester Local Group

  • Jane Pearman, Reserves Manager for the BCN Wildlife Trusts will lead a guided walk around the nature reserve. This is a joint meeting with the U3A Bird Watching Group

  • Richard Allee will lead a walk in the woods and talk about it’s history and his work there, including the maintenance carried out to encourage the Wood White butterfly and charcoal making demonstration

  • A talk by Paddy Jackson

  • Farmer and conservationist Nicholas Watts is due to give a presentation about how he enticed birds back to his land by improving the habitat. Mr Watts, a RSPB 'Nature of Farming' Award Winner 2013, will talk about how he managed to bring birds back onto his land by changing the way he farms - replacing lost habitat,fighting the local Water Authority, building towers, growing his own bird seed, and much more.

  • Jeff Ollerton from University of Northampton by using everyday examples, will provide an overview of how a basic understanding of natural history helps us to appreciate the importance of nature in providing the ecosystem services on which we all depend. Talk organised by Towcester Local Group

  • A talk by Colette Jeffrey, Designer, Researcher and Lecturer. After fifteen years of designing signage systems for airports, hospitals, museums, and libraries Colette has started to look at animal wayfinding behaviour to find new ideas for helping people find their way. Talk organised by Towcester Local Group

  • Tony Fitzpatrick will be displaying and talking about some of the birds of prey he keeps and flys. Talk and demonstration organised by Towcester Local Group

  • Jane Shepherd from the Algernon Trust will be talking about the activities of the Whittlebury based Charity that provides rescue for all types of domestic pets, together with rehabilitation of wild animals, including foxes.