Our Meadow Wildlife Weekend: 18-19 June 2016

Marden Meadow, Kent Wildlife Trust (c) David Jenner

Meander through our magical meadows. Alive with colour and the sounds of busy insects, wildflower meadows are iconic summer scenes

Meadows are food for thought and nourishment for the soul

Walking through a peaceful meadow, your head filled with the scent of wild flowers, is a magical experience and one chock-full of wildlife.  Delicate gatekeeper and holly blue butterflies flutter through the grasses and kestrels hover overhead.

We are passionate about restoring wildflower-rich meadows. They support nationally scare and declining species of flowering plant, busy insects and  a community of other animals too, many of which are found nowhere else.  This makes nature reserves the last refuges for some of our best loved or most unusual flowers. 

Create your own mini-meadow at home

Find out how to plant your own beautiful mini-meadow at home - and how to entice wildlife into your garden - on our wildlife gardening advice pages here.

Find a wildflower meadow near you - use our guide

Find a wildflower meadow near you and downloading our guide to 40 Wildlife Trust grassland nature reserves where you can appreciate these stunning tapestries of colour and scent.  Get a taste of the experience by taking a meadow spin and immersing yourself in one of our wild meadows.

Clattinger Farm, a Wiltshire Wildlife Trust meadow nature reserve (photo: Barney Wilczak)


Come and join us at one of our events too. See what's happening on your patch or check the website for your local Wildlife Trust.

Coronation Meadows & Save our Magnificent Meadows projects

Discover Coronation Meadows too.  This exciting project - led by Plantlife and in partnership with The Wildlife Trusts and  Rare Breeds Survival Trust is supported by Biffa Award as part of the Landfill Communities Fudn. The project is working to identify one flagship wild flower meadow – a Coronation Meadow - in each county. These meadows are celebrated as the surviving 'jewels in the crown', places where people can enjoy a riot of colour and an abundance of wildlife in settings that have remained largely unchanged.

Coronation Meadows are being used as ‘donor’ meadows and providing seed for the creation of new meadows elsewhere in the same counties. In this way, new meadows will be created, increasing the area of this valuable habitat, providing new homes for bees, butterflies and other pollinators and helping to secure our wild flower heritage for the next 60 years and beyond.  

Another partnership project is Save Our Magnificent Meadows.  This will protect, conserve and restore wildflower meadows and other grasslands across the UK, and will focus on the Fermanagh grasslands of Northern Ireland, the pastures of west Wales, Scottish grasslands from Edinburgh to Aberdeenshire, the calaminarian and whin grasslands of Northumberland and traditional meadows and pastures in southern England.  You can discover more here. Several Wildlife Trusts are invovled along with a range partners (led by the charity Plantlife).

Wherever you choose to go, don't forget to take some spotter sheets with you to help explore and discover meadow wildlife.  Come and join us at one of our events too. See what's happening on your patch.