Club BB

Members discuss habitat creation at the Met Office during the Club BB event in April 2013. Photo Gemma de Gouveia.

Club BB is our exclusive club for certified organisations or those currently undergoing assessment.

Members have access to exclusive events for learning, knowledge sharing and networking. 

We hold networking events a couple of times a year, our last one was held at British Airways Harmondsworth Moor site.  We discussed Biodiversity Performance Indicators and their link to objectives and targets. Following this, a representative from the Defra Biodiversity Team gave a presentation on biodiversity offsetting. The overwhelming message was that the jury is very much out and there are some key issues still to be deliberated upon.

After lunch we toured the site which is fascinating. The site is around 260 acres and was formerly a landfill. As part of the planning conditions for their new HQ, BA dug out and lined and refilled the landfill which was capped to create amenity parkland which has quickly evolved into grassland and river habitats. Skirted by the M4 and M25 on one side and Heathrow on the other,  if it wasn't for the A380 taking off overhead it would be hard to believe that you were standing in the busiest corner of the country. We also looked at Potters Field which had come to BA through compulsory purchase and is an area of unimproved grassland, this was added to the scope of BA’s certification after it came into their possession. We rounded the day off with a discussion on management of contactors and volunteers.