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Short-eared owl (c) Matt Lodge

We hope you've enjoyed and tried out some of our magical experiences and that you will continue to create wild memories to treasure throughout the seasons. Please share your favourite experiences - and cast your vote here! Thank you! #LoveWildlife

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Hear Britain’s tallest bird:
The mournful bugling of the common crane can be heard again in Britain after 400 years
‘Ooh’ and ‘aah’ at murmurations:
Starlings gather in large roosts and put on one of the most awe-inspiring displays
Wonder at wintering waders:
Hundreds of thousands of world travellers head for our estuaries for the winter
Look up in awe:
Herons return to traditional woodlands in February to nest in treetop colonies
Pay homage to the Russians:
Brent geese gather in their largest numbers in February, preparing for the long flight
Feel the beat of spring:
In the bare branches of our woodlands, woodpeckers are drumming - beating out the rhythm of the season
Sway with dancing grebes:
These slinky water birds are famous for their wonderful courtship dance, a ritual fit for ‘Strictly’
Take a ringside seat:
Early spring is the best time to see the fastest land mammal in the country, the brown hare
Follow a sat-tagged osprey:  
Once just a single pair of ospreys survived in Scotland: now they are back, and March sees the return of nesting birds across Scotland, England and Wales
Seek a soaring sand martin:
Watch out for one of the earliest signs of spring
Pen poetry among daffodils:
The sight of a golden host of daffodils is enough to brighten up the gloomiest of spring days
Enjoy the great rush north:
Spring migration sees a surge of birds looking to make the most of the summer
Shine a light on newts:
Newt courtship beats any flamenco, hands down
Chatter with a natterjack:
The UK’s loudest amphibian is also one of our rarest
Tip-toe among the fritillaries:
See a purple haze of nodding snake’s-head fritillaries
Nurse a passion for purple:
Easter sees the flowering of the purple pasque flower
Go spotting early orchids:
Spikes of purple with spotted leaves adorn our spring grasslands and woods
Be dazzled by bluebells:
Every spring a carpet of colour quietly and steadily unfolds across the country
Watch a rare sky dance:
Britain’s most persecuted bird of prey, the hen harrier’s exuberant display
Eavesdrop on a nightingale:
Late April sees the return of the greatest of the songstresses
Harken to a bittern’s boom:
Springtime reedbeds now resonate to their mournful boom
Get sent packing by grouse:
Red grouse are setting up their territories
Gape at hunting hobbies:
Look skyward over reedbeds and wetlands where this handsome falcon gorges on dragonflies
Scour riverbanks for Ratty:
Head to the riverbank to track down one of our most much-loved mammals, the water vole
Journey to a seabird city:
Experience the sights and sounds (and smells!) of a seabird colony
Hail the success of avocets:
Once a great rarity, the avocet now has top billing on many coastal marshes
Stake out a badger sett:
Set up a night-watch on a sett and be enchanted by badgers going about their business
Fall for THE fastest bird:
The peregrine – the fastest bird in the world - has found a place to live in the middle of our cities
Exalt at skylarks’ song:
The song of the skylark is a quintessential part of the summer in our countryside
Bewitched by a buttercup:
Once a year you can see one of Britain’s rarest wild flowers, the Badgeworth buttercup
Go after Dartford Warbler:
Listen for the rattling of this jaunty little bird
Party with the puffins:
The clown of the seas returns to its clifftop burrows
Spot our largest butterfly:
Head to Norfolk to catch a glimpse of our largest butterfly, the rare swallowtail
Wear a hat for terns:
Visit a tern colony but don’t get too close; tern parents are notoriously feisty!
Hunt woodland beauties:
Head to the woods to enjoy some of Britain’s most dramatic and most endangered butterflies.
Be spellbound by orchids:
Enter a bewitching world of men and monkeys, ladies and lizards, frogs and flies
Delight in a glow worm:
Watch as grasslands light up with glow worms on the lookout for love
Track down a tiger:
Britain’s largest tiger beetle is on the prowl on some special southern heathlands
Rejoice in Manxie’s chorus: Let your spirits soar with the incredible sound of shearwaters calling through a wild night
Head seawards on safari:
Now's the time to make the most of our coast
Haunt a churring nightjar:
The eerie mechanical call and wing-slapping display of the nightjar returns
Thrill to damsels and dragons:
Take a front row seat for a colourful show of aerodynamics at the water’s edge
Go batty as night falls:
Explore the nocturnal world of the bat
Make a splash with gannets:
Head out to sea to experience the feeding frenzy of our largest seabird
Play the summer blues:
See if you can tell the difference between a chalkhill and an Adonis butterfly
Hurrah for the king:
Head to the river bank for a chance of spotting a kingfisher
Join the toadlet exodus:
Watch thousands of tiny toads head out into the big wide world
Discover rare spoonbill:
The bizarre spoonbill has returned to breed in on our shores
Lounge with a lizard: Soak up the sun with snakes and lizards
Admire our eager beavers:
Return of the native? Beavers could be making their way back to British waterways
Marvel at migration:
Autumn migration sees tens of millions of birds heading south for the winter
Forage for Autumn’s bounty:
Hedgerows and woodlands are laden with autumn fruits and nuts
Go nuts over squirrel nutkin:
Red squirrels are at their most visible during the autumn as they forage and cache nuts
Ramble through purple:
Our heaths and moors are at their most colourful
Foray for fungi:
Explore the magical kingdom of mushrooms and toadstools.
Gaze in awe at reds’ rut:
The autumn is mating season for our largest land mammal, the red deer
Wander the wild wood:
Enjoy the autumn colours of our wonderful woods
Cheer on the salmon run:
One of the great journeys of the natural world
Try a wild goose chase:
Be amazed as a quarter of the world’s pink-footed geese fly over your head
Go on a winter ghost hunt:
Savour the sight of a beautiful barn owl as it hunts on silent wings
Fall in love with a pup:
The soap opera of a grey seal colony at its busiest
Revel in roosting wagtails:
Take a break from the shopping season to marvel at the wagtails sharing our city centres
Lie in wait for an otter:
The comeback king is back on our rivers
Kiss beneath the mistletoe:
Keep your eyes peeled for this festive favourite
Rock 'n' Roll with geology:
Connect the wildlife you love with the rocks and geology beneath your feet
Wrap up for a raptor roost:
Head east to experience one of the greatest concentrations of birds of prey in the country.

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