August 2013

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  • Planning for a healthy and natural environment?

    Wednesday 28th August, 2013

    The Wildlife Trusts’ response to the Government's streamlined planning guide online, launched today.

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  • Cull is tragic distraction to tackling devastating disease

    Tuesday 27th August, 2013

    Badger cpt Neil Aldridge

    As the first shots of the badger cull are reported, The Wildlife Trusts re-state deep regret that Government is driving forward with a culling policy.

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  • Help Save Britain’s Wildlife

    Monday 19th August, 2013

    Chris Baines

    In October, gardeners and community groups across Britain will unite in an effort to halt the decline of UK species.

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  • Put the brakes on fracking

    Sunday 18th August, 2013

    A large cross-section of environmental and conservation groups has called on the Government to “put the brakes on fracking”.

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  • Wildlife-lovers wing their way to Birdfair

    Monday 12th August, 2013

    See The Wildlife Trusts' President Simon King OBE at Birdfair

    A feast for the senses is on the menu for visitors to the 25th Birdfair this year at Rutland Water Nature Reserve (Fri 16 - Sun18 Aug).

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  • Orchids ablaze: Rare plants thriving all over the countryside

    Wednesday 7th August, 2013

    bee orchid c Amy Lewis

    Orchids - one of the UK's most intriguing and beautiful groups of flowering plants – are enjoying particularly good displays this year.

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