February 2013

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  • Put farming for nature at the top of the agenda

    Thursday 28th February, 2013

    cow in field

    Restoring a healthy natural environment, with pollinating insects, clean water and good soils, is crucial for food production now and in the future.

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  • Nature Improvement Areas show promising start

    Wednesday 27th February, 2013

    Northern Devon NIA cpt Pete Birgess

    On the first anniversary of 12 ambitious schemes to restore important habitats in England being unveiled, The Wildlife Trusts are calling again for greater urgency in rolling out the concept across the country.

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  • Government to press ahead with badger cull this summer

    Wednesday 27th February, 2013

    The Government is to press ahead with two pilot culls of badgers this summer, despite widespread public opposition and evidence that culling could make the bovine TB problem worse.

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  • Accolades for outdoor adventures

    Monday 25th February, 2013

    Stroud Watch Group

    Outdoor adventures of young wildlife enthusiasts have been recognised, winning them the accolade of ‘Watch Group of the Year’.

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  • An extremely rare incident

    Monday 11th February, 2013

    Following the recent incident involving a fox and a baby in London, The Wildlife Trusts set out its position regarding urban foxes.

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  • Cuts strike deep into natural heart of the countryside

    Friday 8th February, 2013

    Wildflower meadow cpt Paul Hobson

    The nature of the countryside could start to change significantly for the worse, following budget cuts agreed by EU leaders in Brussels today.

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  • Sustainable fishing moves one step closer

    Wednesday 6th February, 2013

    Sprat shoal cpt Paul Naylor

    A fisheries policy which has resulted in overfishing, damage to fragile marine habitats and a failure to properly support sustainable fishing practices is set to be updated, in a move welcomed by The Wildlife Trusts.

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  • Wildlife photography talent to be recognised

    Friday 1st February, 2013

    Habitat 2012 winner Grey seal cpt Alex Mustard

    The chance to win a prestigious photography award - and £5,000 cash prize - is now available as the British Wildlife Photography Awards open today.

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