Book-lovers' brown hares sketch bonus!

Thursday 5th December 2013

Brown hares sketch by Harriet Mead

Art lovers who buy a stunning new book inspired by nature - before Sunday 15 December - will be entered into a draw to win unique artwork by sculptor Harriet Mead

For the first time in its 50-year history the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) is publishing a limited edition hardback book which showcases almost 60 artists’ work.

Anyone who has ever been inspired by nature and wildlife will love this beautiful book.  The opportunity to own a unique piece of Harriet Mead’s art is a one-off

One lucky buyer of The Natural Eye, Art Book One, will also become the proud owner of this original A5 pen and ink sketch of brown hare by Harriet Mead. 

Harriet, President of the SWLA, is widely acclaimed for her beautiful creations made from scrap metal, using the natural world as inspiration for her sculptures.  She said: 

“I live in rural Norfolk and am fortunate that hares thrive in the Brecks.  When I’m out on my horse I take a great delight in watching them as I ride across the fields.”  See examples of Harriet’s work on her website:

Each of the book’s 120 pages is illustrated, with commentary on how and why each artist made their art, giving a vivid insight into the many artistic journeys and styles, including sculpture, hand-made prints and paintings in a variety of mediums.

To order a copy of The Natural Eye, Art Book One please click here.   For your chance to win this Harriet Mead brown hare sketch, enter the code ‘TWT’ at the end of the surname field.  The winner will be picked at random and the draw will close on Sunday 15 December 2013.

The Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA)
SWLA is a registered charity which seeks to generate an appreciation of and delight in the natural world through all forms of fine art based on or representing the world’s wildlife.  The Society also supports and promotes arts-based objectives of other conservation and wildlife charities.  Through exhibitions and publications of fine art the SWLA aims to further an awareness of the importance of conservation in order to maintain the variety of the world’s ecosystems and its wildlife.  Through bursary schemes it has been able to help young artists keen to develop their knowledge and skills in wildlife art with awards of up to £750 towards travel, education or the cost of materials.

The Natural Eye (£20, Size: 240X220mm • ISBN: 978-0-9569976-7-8)
With an introduction by naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham, a short history of the Society by past President and founder Robert Gillmor, plus text by current President Harriet Mead about the Society in its 50th year and Bruce Pearson looking to the future, this is both a beautiful and informative book.

With field sketches, drawings, original prints, oils, acrylics, mixed media, bronzes, ceramics and found object sculpture there are gems on every page.  Each of the contributing artists have written short anecdotes about the work that they have donated. 

Red Hare Publishing and Harriet Mead created this book using original artwork donated by member artists for the Society’s annual ‘Original Art Draw’ of large postcard-sized work, held at Birdfair, run by Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust in partnership with the RSPB, in August.

Proceeds from the book and the annual ‘Original Art Draw’ will raise funds for the charity’s projects, such as the Bursary Scheme.  The Scheme helps to nurture new talent and develops skills for artists by supporting individual projects or by helping with education, travel or creative development.  For more information, please contact Sarah Whittley on 01263 740947 or Harriet Mead on 07979 647839

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