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Wednesday 23rd May 2012

A new series of beautifully illustrated mini field guides, packed with information for nature enthusiasts, published in association with The Wildlife Trusts, is out now.

With easy-to-follow layouts and superb artworks, these handy guides enable quick and accurate identification. As well as being compact enough to fit in your pocket, the guides are packaged in a durable plastic wallet and include a double-sided foldout showing comparisons between similar species.

New Holland Concise Pond Wildlife Guide

The UK’s still-water habitats are thriving with wildlife. This guide selects 190 fascinating species likely to be found and identified in such habitats as ponds, pools and small lakes. Species covered range from freshwater sponges, to worms and water snails, as well as iconic mammals such as the water vole and European otter.

New Holland Concise Garden Bird Guide

400 superb illustrations bring 88 garden birds to life, from familiar feathered friends such as thrushes and finches, to rarities you may see flying over the garden. A concise written account for each species covers size, general description, voice, habitat, food, occurrence in gardens, and UK distribution. The guide is packed with tips on food, feeders, nest boxes and other items that can greatly increase the presence of birds in the garden.

New Holland Concise Herb Guide

This guide spans some of the most common herbs that can be found growing wild in the UK, or which can be cultivated in the garden. More than 180 herbs are included, all of which are illustrated with full-colour artwork showing details of the flowers and leaves, roots and bark where applicable, and growth habit of each plant. Culinary, medicinal and other uses can be discovered alongside identification information such as size, description, habitat and distribution. The fold-out insert includes at-a-glance illustrations showing herbs grouped by colour.

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Price: £4.99 each

The Artists
The spectacular artworks have been provided by renowned natural history artists including Sandra Doyle and Lynn Wells.



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