Inspiring a passion for nature

Friday 30th March 2012

Our Woodland wildlife cpt Emma Bradshaw

Families up and down the UK are being urged by The Wildlife Trusts to ‘let nature knock your socks off.’

Throughout 2012, the conservation organisation’s centenary year, it is creating a buzz about the UK’s natural treasures and offering everyone inspiring face-to-face encounters with wildlife as part of its celebrations.

A new series of ‘Our Wildlife’ events will take place across the UK, starting in April, so everyone can get closer to nature.  The events will celebrate some of the UK’s most special places, focusing on habitats including woodland, meadows and wetlands.  Wildlife Trusts will host weekend walks, talks and family fun events including mini-beast safaris and rockpool rambles.

The events take place across the UK on:

  • Sat 14 - 15 April - ‘Our Woodland’ wildlife
  • Sat 19 - 20 May - ‘Our History’
  • Sat 16 - 17 June - ‘Our Meadow’ wildlife
  • Sat 14 - 15 July - ‘Our Garden’ wildlife
  • Sat 28 Jul – 12 Aug - National Marine Weeks
  • Sat 8 - 9 Sept - ‘Our Wetland’ wildlife

Simon King OBE, President of The Wildlife Trusts, said:

“With help from The Wildlife Trusts, our members and supporters, new wild flower meadows are bringing colour to the landscape and, as new woodlands start to grow, saplings push their heads to the skies with the flush of youthful hope.

“This new series of events provides opportunities galore to explore your wild side and inspire your passion for nature with activities run by Wildlife Trusts across the UK– go exploring for woodland beasties and discover the moonlight world of bats and badgers.  Visit some of the UK’s most beautiful reserves, meet our wildlife experts and learn more about what your Wildlife Trust does for nature.  Whatever you choose, make sure you get wild with us this year!”

For ideas on how to enjoy the beauty of our varied habitats and get closer to wildlife; visit and where you’ll find events and activities to choose from.  From gentle rambles in ancient woodlands, through to more challenging hill walks there’s something for everyone.

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