Butterfly and Moth Detectives' Handbook

Tuesday 13th March 2012

Whether curled in a chrysalis or fluttering among the flowers, butterflies and moths are the winged jewels of the wild world. Now, a new guide from The Wildlife Trusts is here to help wildlife detectives discover their true beauty.

The Butterfly and Moth Detectives’ Handbook, features more than 40 of the UK’s species, from the garden tiger moth to the green hairstreak butterfly and is published in partnership with educational publisher, Miles Kelly.

Many butterfly and moth species can be found in gardens, feasting on the sweet nectar of their favoured plants and flowers. The handbook includes tips on what to plant to make a garden irresistible to these nectar-loving insects. As well as helping identify species seen, it encourages note taking, sketches and record-keeping.

From the six-spot burnet moth which feasts on cyanide-rich birds-foot trefoil, making it a deadly morsel for predators, to the small white butterfly which attracts a mate with a spiraling dance, the handbook is packed with fascinating species and useful tips to help spot them.

Naturalist, broadcaster, presenter and The Wildlife Trusts’ Vice President, Nick Baker, says: “I remember watching gobsmacked as I witnessed the everyday miracle of a chrysalis rupture to reveal the most bizarre-looking crumpled mess! Which, given 20 minutes to compose itself and pump blood into its veins, took the perfect form of an adult butterfly.

“From that moment I was hooked on these insects and their mainly nocturnal counterparts, the moths. This book is the perfect companion for a young naturalist about to embark on a journey of endless wonder and fascination.”

Nigel Doar, The Wildlife Trusts’ Head of Development, said: “This handbook will help wildlife detectives enjoy the captivating beauty of a butterfly, or the challenge of identifying a micro-moth. The tips within show we can all make a difference by transforming our gardens for the benefit of butterflies, moths, and other wildlife too.”

Butterfly and Moth Detectives’ handbook

Published by Miles Kelly, the handbook is available to buy online for £7.99 at mileskelly.net/products-page/handbooks/.

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The Butterfly and Moth Detectives Handbook makes the perfect accompaniment for The Wildlife Trusts’ ‘Our Wildlife’ events. Starting in April 2012 with Our Woodland Wildlife, events will take place at nature reserves around the UK throughout the year. For more information visit www.wildlifetrusts.org/100.


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