June 2011

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  • Water way to go for wetlands and rivers

    Wednesday 13th April, 2011

    The Wildlife Trusts welcome the Government’s allocation today of £110 million to enhance and restore rivers and wetlands across England.

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  • Nature rolls out the blue carpet

    Friday 8th April, 2011

    As The Wildlife Trusts’ reserves put on spring displays

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  • National charities challenge Government to get High Speed Rail on the right lines

    Thursday 7th April, 2011

    A powerful alliance of respected organisations has agreed a Charter[1] that will hold the Government to account on its approach to High Speed Rail[2].

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  • A step back for Society?

    Wednesday 23rd March, 2011

    The Wildlife Trusts' response to Planning Review actions

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  • Nature funding on the rocks

    Thursday 17th March, 2011

    The sands of time are running out for vital environmental funding as the Government looks to end the £35m Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF) from April 2011.

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  • Hilborne on forestry panel

    Thursday 17th March, 2011

    The Wildlife Trusts welcome today’s announcement of the new Forestry Panel and our involvement in it.

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  • Glimpse into marine private lives

    Tuesday 15th March, 2011

    New book helps raise awareness of UK’s Living Seas

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  • Have nature adventures!

    Tuesday 8th March, 2011

    With help from a new wildlife handbook

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  • Critters on the coastline

    Monday 7th March, 2011

    Discover shoreline wonders this spring with the latest issue of Wildife Watch

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  • Call for garden peat levy

    Monday 21st February, 2011

    The Wildlife Trusts are backing a call for the Government to introduce a levy on peat composts bought from garden centres in the budget (Wed 23 March).

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