Chat Moss decision welcomed

Thursday 30th June 2011

Oblong leaved sundew by Bruce Shortland

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust has welcomed the decision by Salford councillors to reject the application by William Sinclair to continue extracting peat from Chat Moss for another fifteen years.

Chief Executive of the Trust, Anne Selby said: “We would like to thank all those people who recognised the enormous damage to the environment that is done by peat extraction, and who wrote in to object to the planning application.

“Salford City Council have clearly listened to those concerns. They have taken an enormous step forward for improving the environment both locally and nationally by rejecting peat extraction on Chat Moss, and we look forward to Wigan Council making a similar decision.

“We are also confident that Salford Council will continue to take enforcement action against any further unlawful peat extraction on Chat Moss.

“We hope that William Sinclair will recognise that this decision is not an attack on their business. Rather it should be seen as a clear message to them to focus on their award winning peat free products that have already been demonstrated to perform better than peat.

“We look forward to working with Sinclairs to restore Chat Moss to an active peat forming bog, and starting the process of repairing 50 years of damage done by historic peat extraction.”

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