Spooktacular Spiders

Friday 22nd October 2010

This half term Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is offering you the chance to make your own spider on a line of silk in time for Halloween.

Using recycled card and paper so you don't need to buy anything special - all you need is imagination to make your spider as scary or loveable as you like.

Many of the distinctive orb webs that we see in our gardens and the countryside at this time of year are those of the garden spider. This spider is easy to identify as it has white marks on its back that form a cross. It is the female spiders that spin a new circular web every morning, and hang upside-down in the centre waiting for prey to get entangled in the silk. The males are much smaller and will tentatively approach the females, taking care to avoid being mistaken for prey and eaten.

Amazing spider facts

* There are around 35,000 species of spider in the world, around 650 of them are here in the UK.

* The house spider can reach speeds of 13cm a second as it runs across the floor.

* Before sticking plasters were invented, people used cobwebs to bind wounds together and stop the bleeding.

* Spiders can't eat solid food! They inject venom which turns the inside of their prey into liquid which they then suck up!

Things to do

Download the instructions from our website to make your own spider on a line of silk.


Story by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust