Play your part in nature’s recovery

Saturday 2nd October 2010

A fundamental change is needed in the way our natural environment is managed, according to The Wildlife Trusts. And the time is now for the Government to feel the weight of public support for more action.

Stephanie Hilborne OBE, chief executive of The Wildlife Trusts, is encouraging people to respond to the Government’s public consultation to ‘Shape the nature of England’, by Saturday 30 October 2010, through

She said: “Nature conservation is entering a pivotal time. This country has the opportunity to lead the world in restoring its natural environment.

“In 1949 the Government accepted its responsibility for protecting nature through the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act. Some wonderful places were saved but this has not been enough to stop the devastation of wildlife in the wider countryside. Now, in 2010, the Government needs to accept its responsibility to help nature to recover and to restore natural processes.

“We have an ambitious vision for the restoration and recovery of the natural environment with communities at their heart – A Living Landscape and Living Seas. We have been calling on the Government to help us achieve this vision.”

Everyone can help change the way the natural environment is managed and create A Living Landscape, putting wildlife on the front foot. A Living Landscape is The Wildlife Trusts’ recovery plan for nature to help create a resilient and healthy environment rich in wildlife and provide ecological security for people.

Stephanie Hilborne continued: “We all have a fundamental right to a healthy natural environment. We know millions of people have a passion for wildlife and so we are encouraging them to have their say. This is an opportunity to make a real difference and help lay solid foundations for the future.”

The Wildlife Trusts want the Government’s Natural Environment White Paper, due to be published in Spring 2011, to:
• Provide a framework to restore the health of wildlife and the natural processes upon which people depend, such as clean air and water
• Secure protection for, and enhance, existing wildlife sites, both now and in the future
• Maintain momentum to implement the Marine & Coastal Access Act and identify Marine Protected Areas
• Support people and communities to value, and take action for, wildlife

Ways to let your views be known, include:
1. Complete the Government’s online survey—comment on ‘An invitation to shape the nature of England’ ( by 30 October 2010.
2. Contact your MP— ask them to champion an ambitious White Paper to restore nature. Keep your local Wildlife Trust in the loop.
For more information about why The Wildlife Trusts believe the White Paper is important and how individuals can make a difference, go to

Story by RSWT