First live online buzzard webcam

Friday 20th May 2011

Ahead of BBC TV’s Springwatch series this month, springwatching in Dorset has already begun in earnest. Two more stunning birds of prey have become reality TV stars, as Dorset Wildlife Trust introduces what is believed to be the UK’s first live online buzzard webcam.

Buzzards are becoming something of an iconic bird in Dorset, now seen on a daily basis across the county soaring above the countryside, sitting on telegraph posts in town or digging for worms in fields. Dorset Wildlife Trust hopes that this exclusive and intimate view of their nesting habits will reveal much about this spectacular bird.

To celebrate the royal wedding, the buzzard couple have been affectionately named “Wills and Kate” and are now looking after a single precious egg. There are high hopes for a chick successfully hatching within the next few weeks, watched by viewers who have visited the Dorset Wildlife Trust spring raptorcam page over 17,000 times already.

Nicky Hoar, Communications Officer at Dorset Wildlife Trust, said: “Buzzards are one of my favourite British birds and it’s great to see them get the attention they deserve. Numbers and range have increased dramatically in Dorset but it is a real treat to be able to see and study them at the nest for the first time. If you are a fan of Springwatch, then there is no doubt you will enjoy watching our raptorcams.”

The buzzard couple have been affectionately named “Wills and Kate”

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s raptorcams also feature old favourites “Bob and Brenda” the barn owls, who, to date, have 4 out of 6 eggs hatched, but the popular tawny owls “Twit and Twoo” have recently seen their brood of 3 successfully leave the nest for the surrounding trees.

Nicky added: “The new buzzard couple will be a welcome addition for anyone missing the tawnys, but be warned – watching the cams can become addictive!”

You can watch the buzzards and owls at


Story by Dorset Wildlife Trust