Bugs for Beginners

Wednesday 11th May 2011

Bewildered by bugs, beetles and bees buzzing by?

Then join our training course at Whisby Nature Park on Saturday 21 May, Saturday 18 June and Saturday 16 July 2011.

Aimed at enthusiastic adult beginners, the 'Bugs for Beginners' course offers a basic introduction to the world of insects and other invertebrates. Led by expert David Sheppard, the course will cover simple collecting techniques, field craft and practical aspects of identification. It will include talks, discussions, indoor identification sessions and fieldwork.

David Sheppard commented: "Using the range of habitats at Whisby Nature Park as our hunting ground and three course dates spread over the summer, we will find a range of species and get to grips with their identification."

The 'Bugs for Beginners' course offers a basic introduction to the world of insects and other invertebrates

Invertebrates are a vast group of animals including beetles, butterflies, ants, spiders and the humble housefly. There are 40,000 species of invertebrate in the UK alone, millions worldwide and one animal in every four is a beetle! Along with this staggering diversity, invertebrates sometimes have the most bewildering of lifestyles perhaps the most extreme being butterflies that deconstruct themselves from an eating-machine caterpillar into a beautiful flying butterfly.

The 'Bugs for Beginners' course is based at the Whisby Education Centre within Whisby Nature Park, Lincoln. Places are £100 per person for the three days and must be booked in advance by calling the Education Centre on 01522 696926. All tuition, materials plus tea and coffee are included.

Story by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust