National Marine Week

26th July -10th August 2014

The UK's marine environment provides a haven for some of our most fascinating wildlife, such as basking sharks, grey seals, puffins and dolphins.

Each year The Wildlife Trusts celebrate the UK's amazing sea animals and plants during National Marine Week and this year it's the starfish! The Wildlife Trusts’ focus is on five of the 13 starfish species which can be seen around the UK coast; the common, spiny, brittle, bloody Henry starfish and the cushion star.

That's because throughout the summer, The Wildlife Trusts are asking children to write to the Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, asking him to protect our seas and sea life.

Pupils pledge their support by sending him a starfish, in a bid to get more special places at sea protected, through the designation of Marine Conservation Zones.

This is your chance to explore the seashore, discover dunes and wallow with whelks - however you don't have to wait for National Marine Week to get out there!

Both coastal and inland Wildlife Trusts offer a wide range of events that uncover the magic of the marine world. Contact your local Wildlife Trust, or visit our events pages, for activities and events in your area!

However, if you want to make your own marine adventure, we’ve got it all right here, whatever the weather and whatever your budget and no matter what your mood! Just click here, for more information.

For more superb marine information, images, video clips etc. check out BBC Nature UK.