Marine Sightings

Our seas are home to a wide range of exciting animals including whales, dolphins and seals. Seeing one is a once in a life time opportunity, and reporting your sighting can make a huge difference and inform conservation measures.

Would you like the chance to spot a wild marine mammal?

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Would like help identifying what you have seen?

You can download our Green Marine Wildlife Guide, produced in conjunction with the RYA Green Blue or go to the RYA Green Blue website for more information.

To explore the digital edition of the Green Marine Wildlife Guide, download the free ‘RYA Books’ app from iTunes and touch the ‘Catalogues & Brochures’ to find the publication.

Would you like to report a sighting?

If you are lucky enough to spot one of these animals, reporting it can be really important as it can help to identify valuable areas that these species are using.

A number of groups collect marine sightings throughout the UK and are always interested to know what you have seen. If you have seen a porpoise, dolphin, whale, shark, seal or even a jellyfish, use these pages to find out where to report your sightings!

Tell your local Wildlife Trust about your sighting!

Find your local Trust here to report your sighting through their website. If your local Trust does not collect sightings, then there are a number of local and/or national groups that you can report it to:

Whales, dolphins and porpoises
If you have spotted a whale, dolphin or porpoise, these records can be submitted to the Sea Watch Foundation.

Basking sharks
If you have spotted a basking shark, you can report it to the Marine Conservation Society.

Seal sightings can be reported to The Cornwall Seal Group (for those in Cornwall and the South West), which also provides information on how to tell which species you may have spotted. For all other sightings please report them to your local Wildlife Trust.

Jellyfish and turtles
Jellyfish or turtle sightings can be reported to the Marine Conservation Society.