Horse mackerel - Credit Rob SprayHorse mackerel - Credit Rob Spray

The Wildlife Trusts are members of OCEAN2012

The 1983 European Union's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has failed to prevent overfishing. Over 25 years, short-term economic interest and political expediency has landed European fisheries in deep crisis.  

According to the latest figures from the European Commission: 72% of all assessed EU fish stocks are estimated to be overexploited with over 20% being fished beyond safe biological limits, threatening their very future.

With The Wildlife Trusts focus to ensure better protection for marine wildlife across UK waters we joined OCEAN2012. This coalition is dedicated to ensuring that the reform stops overfishing, end destructive fishing practices and delivers fair and equitable use of healthy fish stocks.

OCEAN2012 is committed to shaping a Common Fisheries Policy that:

  • Enshrines environmental sustainability as the overarching principle without which economic and social sustainability is unobtainable;
  • Ensures decisions are taken at the most appropriate levels and in a transparent way, ensuring effective participation of stakeholders;
  • Delivers sustainable fishing capacity at EU and regional level;
  • Makes access to fisheries resources conditional on environmental and social criteria;
  • Ensures public funds are only used in a way that serves the public good and alleviates social impacts in the transition to sustainable fisheries. 


The OCEAN2012 ethos, objectives and campaign delivery mechanisms will complement The Wildlife Trusts mission for Livings Seas. 

Do visit the OCEANS2012 website for more information.