Wyre Forest Heaths

Wyre Forest Heaths - Worcestershire Wildlife TrustWyre Forest Heaths - Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Creating an interconnected network of wildlife refuges

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust


The area around Kidderminster in Worcestershire, noted for its magnificent sandstone geology, once supported extensive areas of heathland and acid grassland. Sadly, these have now been reduced to just a few hundred hectares, mainly in nature reserves.

The aim of this scheme is to re-create this special environment by restoring and conserving existing sites, as well as by creating new areas of heathland and other habitats on adjacent land. This will form an interconnected network of wildlife refuges, enabling a wide range of species to build up their populations and migrate across the landscape.

Scheme area: 2,000 hectares 

Current threats to the landscape

Habitat fragmentation; undergrazing leading to woodland reversion; damage from uncontrolled access.

This scheme is also...

Helping wildlife adapt to climate change, providing recreational opportunities, encouraging green tourism, providing health benefits.

To find out more

Email: enquiries@worcestershirewildlifetrust.org | Tel: 905 754919 

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