Outer Humber

Spurn Point - Credit David NicholsSpurn Point - Credit David Nichols

helping businesses and communities adapt to the changing coastline

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

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The largest coastal plain estuary on the east coast of Britain, and the second-largest in the UK, the Humber estuary is of European importance for its wildlife.

The estuary boasts a rich tapestry of coastal habitats – salt meadows, sand dunes, sandbanks, mudflats, glasswort beds and coastal lagoons.

One of the most important challenges faced by costal environments today is that of rising sea levels. The Humber estuary requires carefully managed realignment of its changing coastline, and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, which manages several reserves in the area including the iconic Spurn point, is helping businesses and communities adapt to this change.

The aim is to link Hull to Spurn through a series of coastal project centres, thus generating a strong tourism industry and, crucially, a robust understanding of marine conservation.

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What's happening?

The Trust is delivering a range of community education schemes and is working with landowners and agencies to promote positive land management. It is actively pursuing the acquisition of more land in addition to its current sites, where habitat restoration and creation are already in progress.

Scheme area: 7,500 hectares

Trust reserves within the scheme

Welwick Saltmarsh, Hodgson's Fields, Spurn Point

This scheme is helping species including...

The estuary is host to significant fish species such as the river and sea lamprey.

This scheme is also...

Helping wildlife adapt to climate change, encouraging green tourism, providing environmental education


Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Board, local landowners.

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Email: info@ywt.org.uk | Tel: 01904 659570

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