The Naze

The NazeThe Naze

A unique coastal landscape with a wealth of biological, cultural and heritage resources that need to be preserved for the future.

creating a more robust and connected landscape for wildlife

Essex Wildlife Trust


The Naze is a really important place for the people of Walton and Tendring and one which engenders huge civic pride. It is the symbol of the town and the mayor’s emblem.

It is a key tourist asset for the town with an estimated 100,000 visits made to the area each year - people walk, relax, picnic, fly kites, exercise dogs, bird watch, swim, sunbathe, hunt fossils and meet friends here. It is an extremely busy site for visiting school and educational groups too.


What’s happening?

We are:

Managing and enhancing habitats on the coastline to maximise their value for wildlife locally, regionally, nationally and internationally by creating a more robust and connected landscape.

Improving access to the area for the many existing and new users who value its natural character for outdoor recreation and study. The Crag Walk Project, a 110-metre viewing platform for public access and education, has been constructed at the southern end of the Naze Cliffs and will enable visitors and schools to understand and see the erosion process affecting the coast.

Carrying out environmental management of the site, providing opportunities for the community to participate in the practical management of the site

Scheme area: 243 hectares

Trust reserves within the scheme

John Weston

This scheme is also...

Improving access for people, providing environmental education


Natural England, local authorities, local landowners

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