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Cumbernauld Living Landscape aims to enhance, restore and reconnect green areas of the town. Over 50% of Cumbernauld's town centre is made up of green spaces: parks, woodlands and gardens. However, these areas are often disconnected from one another and many are not as good for people - or wildlife - as they should be.
Without good quality, healthy places people and wildlife cannot flourish.

Working closely with the local community, we need to ensure that healthy places are at the heart of the town's future. The Cumbernauld Living Landscape's long-term vision is for a green network in the town, providing clean air, water and retreats from the busyness of everyday life. For recent news and information you can visit the project website.

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What does the programme involve?

The programme consists of a range of projects to bring physical improvements to the greenspaces and connect more people to their natural environment. By working with communities in an area of over 55,000 people, the programme is:

• Connecting, managing and enhancing woodlands
• Supporting community activities and improving access
• Restoring and managing peatlands
• Protecting the town's green network
• Influencing the design of new development
• Improving water quality

How can I help?

Through a range of different projects there are opportunities to get involved in the Cumbernauld Living Landscape. You can join one of the weekend volunteer sessions or put your knowledge to good use at urban design workshops. There are also opportunities to develop your skills through the internship and trainee programmes run with our partners. To find out about the latest opportunities please visit our website.

If you would like to find out more details about the project, please contact Ian Mackenzie, Project Development Manager, on or 0131 312 7765.


Scheme area: 5,900 ha

Trust reserves within the scheme

Cumbernauld Glen, Forest Wood, Luggiebank Wood & Northside Wood

This scheme is helping species including...

Badgers, roe deer and foxes make their home here as well as all kinds of woodland birds. Butterflies such as ringlet, meadow brown and small pearl-bordered fritillary make use of the meadow areas. The area is home to pine martens and is especially important as one of the only over wintering grounds for bean geese.

Who are the partners?

The programme is led by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, North Lanarkshire Council, Forestry Commission Scotland and The Conservation Volunteers. These partners work with a wide range of local groups and volunteers to develop skills and capacity in community organisations.

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To find out more

Send an email | Tel: 0131 312 7765 | Cumbernauld Glen

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