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Bredon Hill - Worcestershire Wildlife TrustBredon Hill - Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

The area supports invertebrate populations of European importance

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Bredon Hill, an outlying part of the Cotswolds near Tewkesbury, is well-known for its Iron Age hill fort. It is equally significant for its rich biodiversity – its calcareous grassland, veteran trees and scrub communities support invertebrate populations of European importance.

This scheme aims to work with local landowners and the wider community to protect, enhance and re-create habitats to form a more permeable landscape where wildlife areas are linked up to allow species to move and thrive.

Start date: 2008

Scheme area: 24,000 hectares

This scheme is helping species including...

Bredon is the fourth-best site in Britain for saproxylic invertebrates – those associated with decaying wood. It is one of only three places in Britain where the extremely rare violet click beetle is known to occur, along with rare arable plants and farmland birds

This scheme is also...

Helping wildlife adapt to climate change, improving access for people, providing recreational opportunities, encouraging green tourism.

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