Rhos Fiddle & Clun Forest

Small pearl bordered fritillary - Tom Marshall Small pearl bordered fritillary - Tom Marshall

Upland pastures, wooded dingles, open moorland and river valleys characterise this quiet part of south Shropshire.

encouraging landowners to protect wildlife

Shropshire Wildlife Trust


The Clun Forest area in south west Shropshire is an area of upland farmland of mixed agriculture and forestry, interspersed with remnants of upland heathland, acid grassland and small meadows.

The aim of this scheme is to survey and record areas of significant wildlife habitat and identify and map out the ecological corridors which connect them. This are was once covered by Environmentally Sensitive Area agreements which have now come to an end, and the project aims to to encourage landowners to enter into Higher Level Stewardship to protect these wildlife features.

What's happening?

Two pioneering volunteer-led projects have emerged from these strong communities: the Upper Clun Community Wildlife Group and Land, Life and Livelihoods. The first has carried out large-scale surveys of wading and farmland birds, fritillary butterflies and wild plants while the other seeks to find new ways to support farms, other rural businesses and local communities through events, workshops and farmers’ dens, where one-to-one advisory sessions are arranged.

The land surveys have revealed a number of very special places for wildlife, previously without conservation designation, some of which merit Wildlife Site status. It can be very helpful to landowners seeking higher level stewardship grants to have this recognition, which enables them to be paid for looking after their land in a way that encourages its wildlife.

These projects demonstrate how local people can help shape their future in an increasingly uncertain world.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust plays its part on its nature reserves at Rhos Fiddle and Lower Shortditch Turbary and by working with our neighbours to restore the ancient character and wildness of the Clun Forest where possible.

Scheme area: 7,921 hectares

Trust reserves within the scheme

Rhos Fiddle, Lower Shortditch Turbury, Clunton Coppice

This scheme is helping species including...

Reed bunting, marsh violet, small pearl bordered fritillary, snipe, curlew, skylark, red kite, dipper, pied flycatcher, barn owl, dark green fritillary

Current threats to the landscape

Expiry of existing Environmentally Sensitive Area agreements

This scheme is also...

 Helping wildlife adapt to climate change, providing volunteering opportunities, producing local food

To find out more

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