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this scheme will protect, restore and enhance habitats

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

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Gilfach Farm Nature Reserve, in the Wye Valley, is Radnorshire Wildlife Trust’s flagship reserve. Based around this key site, this scheme will protect, restore and enhance habitats in 6,000 hectares of the surrounding area.

The Trust will develop the Gilfach visitor centre to serve as an outlet for locally-grown produce within the project. The Forestry Commission will continue to address the problems caused to water quality through afforestation, and a vibrant local economy will re-emerge alongside newly-created and restored wildlife-rich habitats.

Using the Gilfach Farm reserve and its wonderful wildlife as a focus, the Trust aims to enhance biodiversity and stimulate the economy of the Marteg valley over a 10-year period.

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What's happening?

  • A Project Officer is currently in place focusing on a keystone species - the water vole.
  • We intend to benefit other species by working with farmers and landowners
  • A new visitor centre is planned 

Start date: 2008

Scheme area: 6,000 hectares

Trust reserves within the scheme

Gilfach Farm, Cefn Cennarth North & South reserves

This scheme is helping species including...

Water vole (flagship), Atlantic salmon, lamprey, bullhead, spotted flycatcher, pied flycatcher, redstart, wood warbler, dipper, lichen assemblages, globeflower, wood bitter-vetch, glow worm, otter, bats (5 species), fritillary butterflies

Current threats to the landscape

Agricultural intensification, afforestation, abondonment of traditional management practices (e.g. loss of cattle grazing, large-scale wind turbine development)

This scheme is also...

Improving water quality, improving access for people, encouraging green tourism, producing local food.


Countryside Council for Wales, Environment Agency Wales

To find out more

Email: | Tel: 01597 823298 | Gilfach Farm reserve 

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