Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area

Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area -  Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife TrustLoddon and Eversley Heritage Area - Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

this scheme will encourage the protection and restoration of habitats

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

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The Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area in north-east Hampshire is a vast area of countryside, villages and towns. The rivers of the Loddon catchment arise on the chalk of the Hampshire Downs and flow north over the clays, sands and gravels of the Loddon Basin to join the River Loddon and ultimately the Thames.

Through partnership working, this scheme will encourage the protection and restoration of habitats, landscapes, wildlife populations and heritage assets in the Loddon & Eversley Heritage Area, whilst promoting a healthy and sustainable rural economy, and public appreciation and enjoyment of this special area.

The scheme actively promotes rural industry and sees it as central to achieving long-term conservation objectives in the area.

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What's happening?

The project was developed to complement land management in the area, buffering and reconnecting discrete projects and sites of importance through landowner advice, community involvement and individual projects where appropriate.

The rare striped lychnis moth caterpillar has been surveyed along road verges, resulting in new records for this species and a change in the verge cutting regime from the Hampshire Highways to benefit the larvae.

Start date: April 2004

Scheme area: 49,870 hectares

Trust reserves within the scheme

Hook Common and Bartley Heath, Warnborough Greens, Greywell Moors, Ancells Farm and Foxlease Meadows, Whitehouse Meadow and part of Pamber Forest.

This scheme is helping species including...

Water vole, great crested newt, hummingbird hawk moth, kingfisher, dragonflies, farmland birds (lapwing, skylark, yellowhammer), kestrel, brown hare, harvest mouse, heathland species (Nightjar, Woodlark and Dartford Warbler)

Current threats to the landscape

Development (Loddon Headwaters)

This scheme is also...

Helping wildlife adapt to climate change, improving water quality, reducing flood risk, storing carbon, improving access for people, providing recreational opportunities, volunteering opportunities, skills training, environmental education and producing local food.


Natural England, Environment Agency, Local Authorities.

To find out more

Email:  feedback@hiwwt.org.uk | Tel: 01489 774400 | Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area

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