Hadrian’s Wall and Whin Sill Corridor

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An historic landscape of international importance

Northumberland Wildlife Trust

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This scheme is developing the unique grasslands and enhancing the nature and culture of this World Heritage Site and important geological feature.

This is a remote upland border landscape with dramatic views over the moors, bogs and grasslands known as ‘Hadrian’s Wall Country’. The Great Whin Sill forms a hard ridge of craggy rocks along Hadrian’s Wall and into north Northumberland around the coast at Bamburgh and Lindisfarne where castles are built upon the exposed rock. An historic landscape of international importance where culture and nature come together.

This scheme will develop the unique grassland and wildflower communities and wildlife found along Hadrian’s Wall and the rock outcrops of the Whin Sill.

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360 view

What's happening?

We aim to:

  • Change grazing regimes
  • Limit gorse encroachment
  • Prevent further loss and fragmentation
  • Manage the impact of human trampling
  • Work in partnership with local farmers and landowners

Scheme area: 9,000 hectares

This scheme is helping species including...

Lapwing, Curlew, snipe and Golden Plover and raptors like the Merlin and Peregrine Falcon. Also further North are very important seabird colonies of the Farne Islands.

Current threats to the landscape

Inappropriate management, scrub encroachment, habitat fragmentation, uncontrolled access leading to trampling

This scheme is also...

Helping wildlife adapt to climate change, improving access for people, encouraging green tourism, providing environmental education.


Hadrian’s Wall Heritage

To find out more

Email: mail@northwt.org.uk | Tel: 0191 2846884 | Hadrian's Wall and Whin Sill Corridor

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