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Druridge Bay - Steve ScoffinDruridge Bay - Steve Scoffin

An area of major wildlife and nature conservation importance

Northumberland Wildlife Trust

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The Druridge Bay coastline, which stretches 7 miles from Amble in the north to Lynemouth Bay in the south, is treasured for its beautiful beaches and rolling sand dunes. It is the site of an ancient sunken forest and prehistoric burial grounds, while behind it are nature reserves created from old opencast mines. It is an area of major wildlife and nature conservation importance.

By developing a series of interconnected wildlife-focussed areas in and around Druridge Bay and the surrounding farmed land of south east Northumberland, we will protect and enhance wildlife and heritage while encouraging visitors both now and into the long-term future.

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What's happening?

We are:

  • Creating, conserving and connecting habitats as a haven for wetland birds. Currently these habitats are threatened by sea incursion and by the breaching of the dunes.
  • Creating new and extending existing reedbeds for breeding bittern, marsh harrier and bearded tit.
  • Offshore we intend to work with other organisations to safeguard and enhance the future of important seabirds such as the roseate tern and mammals such as the grey seal.

Start date: 2009

Scheme area: 9,000 hectares

Trust reserves within the scheme

Hauxley, East Chevington, Druridge Pools, Cresswell Pond, Cresswell Foreshore

This scheme is helping species including...

Great crested newt, bittern, bearded tit, skylark, otter, water vole. The area is renowned for bird watching.

Current threats to the landscape

Sea incursion and breaching of the dunes

This scheme is also...

Improving access for people, encouraging green tourism, providing health benefits, volunteering opportunities, skills training and environmental education.


National Trust, Local Authorities, local landowners, farmers and businesses.

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