...protect wildlife across the UK

Thanks to our members and supporters, The Wildlife Trusts are at the forefront of wildlife conservation. We believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy, wildlife-rich natural world and have the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife and wild places in their daily lives. 

Gifts in wills made to the UK-wide movement help to fund innovative conservation projects across the Wildlife Trusts. For over 100 years our supporters have helped us to buy and look after special places, protect species and habitats under threat, inspire adults and children alike and re-connect people with nature. This has included projects to re-introduce beavers in Devon, and the pioneering Pumlumon Living Landscape Project in Wales.

...protect wildlife in your chosen area

Gifts in wills help support a huge range of wildlife conservation projects within each Wildlife Trust, from installing new bird hides in Buckinghamshire, improving access to nature reserves in Cumbria, supporting training placements for young people in the North West, to creating new wildflower meadows in Cumbria. 

To find out how a gift in your will could help a wildlife conservation project in an area of the UK special to you, please contact your Wildlife Trust.

Beaver (c) Mike Symes