Wildlife Trusts’ teams support and enhance learning in thousands of schools each year. We have accessible and inspiring locations, experienced dedicated staff and great community links.

Our excellent track record is one of providing inspirational, effective learning experiences for schools’ staff and pupils at every level and across a huge range of subjects. Wildlife Trusts have been welcoming school parties onto our nature reserves for more than 50 years!

What do we offer schools?

Last year over 170,000 students visited a Wildlife Trust with their school

The nature and extent of Trusts’ work supporting formal sector learning is decided locally. Examples of the type of work carried out by Wildlife Trusts includes improving school grounds for wildlife, guided visits to nature reserves, providing resources for educators, Forest Schools, school membership schemes, visits to schools and more.

Devon Wildlife Trust, for example, runs a 'Wildlife Champions' programme, empowering children within their schools to take action for nature.

Your local Wildlife Trust

Ready to get your pupils involved?

To find out more information about how your school can benefit, take a look at what your local Wildlife Trust can offer your school.

National resources

As well as the local on-the-ground work provided by Trusts, we also have National resources to help teachers plan curriculum lessons with wildlife in mind. Our Wildlife Watch website is packed with information, activities and ideas for helping pupils to enjoy the natural world. 

Our educational resources page is especially designed to provide useful information on wildlife that can be incorporated into educational sessions. 

We highly recommend that teachers sign up to our Wildlife Watch monthly e-newsletter, which has a dedicated teachers section that provides link to key resources and ideas.

If you would like to talk to someone at a UK or England-wide level about education opportunities, please email us.

How The Wildlife Trusts inspires kids