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Man walking dog. Credit: Gemma de Gouveia

Assessment and certification of Biodiversity Benchmark is unashamedly challenging and rigorous. However those organisations which are able to meet the standard benefit from robust and tested internal systems for biodiversity enhancement and protection. This can enhance wider environmental or CSR objectives, provide the basis for improved community relationships, give a level of assurance of compliance with legal requirements and differentiate an organisation’s products or services.

Room for wildlife. The management of landholdings to the highest standard for wildlife contributes to a landscape which is permeable to wildlife, re establishing the sights and sounds of nature as part of everyday life.

Recognition. Biodiversity Benchmark is managed, assessed and certified exclusively by The Wildlife Trusts. Collectively we are the largest voluntary organisation in the UK dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild places whether in the country, in cities or at sea. The Biodiversity Benchmark is a nationally recognised standard for commitment to biodiversity and responsible land management.

Responsibility. The Biodiversity Benchmark provides a rigorous framework for organisations to develop or adapt systems to ensure continual biodiversity protection and enhancement of their land; this can also help assure legal compliance.

Reputation. The Biodiversity Benchmark encourages organisations to build partnerships and networks of strong relationships with the local community; enhancing reputation with key stakeholders including suppliers, shareholders and customers.

Evidence of a responsible approach can be a positive purchasing factor as environmentally conscious organisations may seek to work with like minded businesses; it can also be a strong asset in demonstrating sustainable development strategies.

Rewarding. Studies have shown that working with nature can have health benefits as well as being an inspirational experience. Involving employees in protecting and enhancing wildlife to achieve the Biodiversity Benchmark can encourage team building and boost staff motivation.

The Association of Wildlife Trust Consultancies may be able to help you with the process of attaining Biodiversity Benchmark

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