Application and Assessment Process

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Assessment of a site

Biodiversity Benchmark assessments are carried out exclusively by The Wildlife Trusts.

The application and assessment process for Biodiversity Benchmark is unashamedly rigorous

1. Find out more

The first step to achieving Biodiversity Benchmark is to attend one of the regular introductory workshops. This will help you to decide whether it is right for your organisation and to plan what actions you need to take to prepare for assessment.

2. Preparation

The majority of investment in achieving Biodiversity Benchmark is involved in putting in place the systems required. This may be a case of adapting environmental systems which are already in place to integrate biodiversity or designing systems from scratch.

Our Biodiversity Benchmark assessors are all available for private consultancy work to help with preparation.

3. Request for Assessment

When the organisation feels ready for assessment a simple request for assessment (to be requested at the bottom of this page) is completed. Based on the information provided we will prepare an outline quote for the cost of the assessment. We will also seek information from the local Wildlife Trust as to the appropriateness of the site for Biodiversity Benchmark.

4. Pre Assessment

Pre assessment can be carried out internally using a self assessment form which is available after you have requested a Biodiversity Benchmark assessment. Alternatively we can arrange for your Biodiversity Benchmark assessor to carry out a pre assessment visit. This is charged at the standard daily rate.

5. Initial Assessment

A Biodiversity Benchmark assessor will visit your site over 1 or 2 days and carry out an assessment of your organisation’s Biodiversity Management Systems and their implementation against the requirements of Biodiversity Benchmark. The assessor will identify issues, these will usually be expected to have been addressed within six months.

6. Main Assessment

Once any issues identified in the initial assessment have been addressed the assessor will return to carry out the main assessment. If there are any major issues outstanding (i.e. those which would prevent the assessor from making a recommendation for certification) the organisation will be allowed a period of six weeks to address them.

7. Quality Assurance

When the assessor is satisfied that all requirements of Biodiversity Benchmark have been met they will submit their findings for independent scrutiny by a Quality Assurance Assessor (QAA). The assessor and the QAA will then make a recommendation to The Wildlife Trusts as to whether the site should be awarded Biodiversity Benchmark.

8. Certification

The recommendation must be agreed and endorsed by the Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts. A certificate will be issued and the site will be fully certified. Certified sites may display the Biodiversity Benchmark logo on entrance signs etc, there is also a range of approved designs for plaques and trophies.

To request an assessment, download the application form by providing your details below and complete and return the form to Ellie Bottomley on